FAQ about CCA


Where are you located?

Our school moved to 66 East Court Road in Bible Hill in the Spring of 2018.  This move was tremendously exciting for our school, and brings with it many opportunities. We now have our own gym, and a larger playground.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, but it is more than manageable.  Students are encouraged to display their unique style and flair, so long as they are modest and display their status as image bearers of Christ. We keep in mind the 4Bs – ask us! Students are not allowed to wear clothing that has slogans, logos or pictures on it that do not support the Christian lifestyle.

How does the course load compare with Public School?

Our curriculum is challenging, but smaller class sizes allow for a good student:teacher ratio.  Students needing extra help are quickly identified and strategies are put in place between home/teacher/school to provide as much support for success as possible.  Homework is assigned according to grade level, and the student is responsible to complete this.  Teachers check homework daily to ensure assignments are kept up to date.

How expensive is it? 
– Tuition cost is $5 175 for families with one-student, $8 515 for families with two-students, and $11 485 for families with three-students.
– Other fees include: Application fees ($100 per child), other sports fees (which vary), and after school childcare (if you use that service).

Are there options open to me to help with the cost of tuition?

We understand the sacrifice that tuition costs are for families, so we do our best to find a payment plan that can work.  We also have a Tuition Assistance Programthat can help out families that meet the requirements (ask for an application form).  If the cost of tuition is equal to or greater than 10% your gross household income, you may qualify.  Applications for TAP are kept confidential, and the amount of assistance is granted based on need and funding availability.  Cheryl McLeod is our School Treasurer and can answer detailed questions about payment options and Tuition Assistance.

I have heard you have K4/K5, what does that mean?

K4 is a curriculum based full or ½ day pre-primary program for 4 year old children (birthday cut off age 4 by September 30).  K5 is a primary program for 5 year old children (birthday cut off age 5 by December 31).Our K4 and K5 programs (split class) feature a strong phonetic base in a fun environment.  Christian teachings are included in our daily lessons as well as play time (indoor and outdoor).  Children in both of these programs are well prepared with a great foundation for future learning.

How do you incorporate Christian teaching on a day-to-day basis at CCA?

All grade levels start the day with prayer.  In addition to Bible Class, our curriculum uses Biblical principles, applied to everyday life.  Sharing a Christian environment with Teachers and Staff who are strong believers creates a safe place for young people to grow their faith on a daily basis. It is our prayer to partner with parents to instill a confidence in their children, so they are well prepared to move into adult life with a firm foundation not only in academics, but also in character – honesty, integrity, responsibility and compassion.

Do I have to go to church to attend CCA?

No, church attendance is not a requirement of attendance. Our student body represents many different Christian denominations (Baptist, Catholic, etc.), as well as families who do not regularly attend church.  CCA staff do encourage students to speak to their parents about Church attendance if they express an interest.

Can my high school student attend?

Yes, we accept students in all grades.  Please contact us for case specific details.

Can my high school student go to post-secondarywith a diploma from CCA?

Our high school diploma mirrors the Nova Scotia High School diploma, and it is well recognized in post-secondary institutions.  Many of our graduates have gone on to become: engineers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, professional musicians, and more!  Many receive scholarships and we have various university reports of how well-prepared our grads are.