Colchester Christian Academy was founded in 1979 through The Peoples Church, by a group of Christian parents who saw a need for a Christ-centered education option for children in the Truro area. The blessing of the Lord was most evident as CCA soon doubled in size as people recognized the value of a quality Christian education for their children. The first graduating class at CCA was in 1982, and consisted of 8 students. CCA graduates then and since, have furthered their education at various post-secondary institutions, and continued on to successful careers in many fields. We now have the children of CCA graduates attending the Academy, as well as some graduates coming back to teach.

CCA grew from 42 students in 1979 to a high of 154 for the 2001-02 school year. In January of 2003, the governance of CCA was passed from the Peoples Church to the Colchester Christian Academy Association, a registered charitable organization that owns and operates the Academy via a board of governors.   Colchester Christian Academy does not affiliate itself with any church organization, and considers itself an interdenominational ministry.

In 2018 Colchester Christian Academy moved to a new location to East Court Road in Bible Hill.  This school was built for the public school system in 1947, and a gym and two classrooms were added in 1988.  The local public school board no longer required the building, and in the fall of 2017 it was declared surplus and possession was transferred back to the original ownership of the Municipality of the County of Colchester.  Through a series of public hearings and presentations, the County offered the building to CCA to be used as a school once again.  Praise the Lord for His goodness!

CCA is a ministry rooted in faith, serving local families, and looking ahead to what God plans, as we move forward in His will.