1. Parent

“CCA to my wife and I is a saving grace! At a time when there seemed little hope for a solid Christian upbringing, CCA and the philosophies and standards it operates by is exactly the answer to our prayers. Our boy is a young 4 years old in his first year of school and he is doing fantastic! In our hearts we know we want our son to continue to thrive at CCA throughout his school career and become a wonderful, Christ centred young man.” – Dave Whitenect

“As a parent I am so very Thankful for CCA; a Christian school my boys can be a part of. I appreciate that they can go to school in an environment where their teachers love the Lord, care about them, their learning is centered around Biblical things, small classes and excellent teaching!” – Amanda Steeves

2. Student

3. Graduate – 

“Had I not moved . . . to CCA I would not be where I’m at now spiritually and professionally. “ – Richard Skelhorn

“I appreciated the generally small class sizes, which encouraged more one on one academic help from teachers. There was a strong focus on academics, as well as spiritual growth.” -Rachel (Bokma) Bakker, CCA Graduate

“I was adequately prepared for post- secondary studies at university level. The strong emphasis on academics in my earlier years set a pace that I continued on in further studies.” – Rachel (Bokma) Bakker, CCA Graduate“I was encouraged and nurtured in my faith during my years at CCA.” -Rachel (Bokma) Bakker, CCA Graduate

“I was constantly taught that I had been created in God’s image, and that He loved me just the way I was! I was given opportunities to minister to others using the gifts that God had given me. I was being taught by people that loved Jesus and that longed to see us follow Him! They made me feel loved and encouraged me to do what was pleasing to God!” -Parri Anne Patton, CCA Graduate and CCA Teacher

4. Teacher

“I am privileged to be able to serve the Lord by teaching at CCA. Every day I get to not only interact with young people as I teach academics, but also be involved in presenting Christ to them. It is a joy to have a small part in influencing young people for Christ.” – Colin Murphy

“I have found that Christian Education certainly helps young people develop and secure a standard of living so that when they leave here they are able to give a defence for the hope that they have within them.” – Frank Melanson

“Christ should be the center of our lives. Christian Education makes this possible for students while giving them a great foundation to build upon for the rest of their lives.” – Naomi Anderson

5. Church

6. Community