Miss Linda Dopson (Gr. 5-6)


Linda Dopson has taught at Colchester Christian Academy since 1987 and is currently the teacher for grades 5 and 6.

Linda, who attends The People’s Church, finds teaching at CCA to be a blessing beyond description. Linda loves the fact that her life involves the awesome task, and divine gift, of training children. She understands that for young people, growing up in our world today can be a scary prospect. Linda feels her experiences of teaching at CCA gives her the opportunity to help equip her students with life skills – to enable and strengthen them to confront the challenges of life.

Linda enjoys painting and creating, reading and music. Although she can’t play any musical instruments, her voice is her very own instrument which she loves to share!

Linda’s favourite Bible passage is Psalm 139. It reminds her of God’s three “omni’s”: omnipresence, omnipotent and omniscience. To Linda, Psalm 139 is full of important truths – and loves to bring life to the Word in the classroom.