Christian Character Development

2. Christian Character Development

a. Students at CCA are guided in Christian character development through daily reinforcement of positive, Christ-like behaviors on the playground, in the classroom, in the hallway, and in the community.  Our teachers and staff care as much about spiritual and personal development as they do about academic success.

b. There are many caring adults involved in the lives of the children at CCA.  We have teachers, staff, parents, volunteers, local ministers, coaches who invest in the lives of our students.  Each volunteer has had a clear criminal records check and is trained in safe interactions with children.

c. Daily classroom interactions also provide great opportunities for character development among our students.  Students begin and end their day with class prayer.  As students pray for each other’s needs, they build a strong classroom community while strengthening their own level of compassion and concern.

d. When issues arise at CCA, we have the freedom to discuss and address issues in light of biblical principles including responsibility, the reality of consequences for sin, mercy, grace, patience, love, and forgiveness.

e. Weekly chapel services conducted by students and staff, with special speakers from local churches provide opportunities for the entire school to come together to learn from God’s word and worship together.  It also provides tremendous opportunities to develop public presentation skills through avenues such as music, drama, and public speaking.