Our Track Record

4. Our Track Record

a. Student Teacher Ratios– CCA maintains an average student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1

i. These ratios allow for a high level of interaction with each student.
ii. Students-teacher relationships are personal and meaningful
iii. This provides the opportunity for teachers to more quickly identify strengths and weakness in individual students and work within them to assist students in developing at an age and grade-specific level.

b. Standardized tests

i. Students in our kindergarten program score well above average the national average on the Canada Achievement Test (CAT).
ii. Our kindergarten students score at a grade 1.5 level in reading on the Spring CAT evaluation.
iii. Grade 1-12 students at CCA consistently score above the national average on the Canadian Achievement Test (CAT).
iv. Students in grades 1-12 consistently score 1-2 grade levels above enrollment grade, with some scoring 3 grade levels above expectations.

c. Graduation rate

i. CCA has maintained a 100% graduation rate since its debut in 1979.

d. Post-secondary rate

i. 90% of CCA graduates attend some type of post-secondary training with many going on to university.
ii. CCA graduates go on to influential roles in society.  Our grads include:  pastors, missionaries, business owners, engineers, nurses, teachers, farmers, doctors, professional musicians, mechanics, managers, accountants, and many others.

e. Life impact

 i. “Had I not moved . . . to CCA I would not be where I’m at now spiritually and professionally. “  – Richard Skelhorn
ii. “I appreciated the generally small class sizes, which encouraged more one on one academic help from teachers. There was a strong focus on academics, as well as spiritual growth.”  -Rachel (Bokma) Bakker, CCA Graduate
iii. “I was adequately prepared for post- secondary studies at university level. The strong emphasis on academics in my earlier years set a pace that I continued on in further studies.” – Rachel (Bokma) Bakker, CCA Graduate
iv. “I was encouraged and nurtured in my faith during my years at CCA.”  -Rachel (Bokma) Bakker, CCA Graduate
v. “I was constantly taught that I had been created in God’s image, and that He loved me just the way I was! I was given opportunities to minister to others using the gifts that God had given me. I was being taught by people that loved Jesus and that longed to see us follow Him! They made me feel loved and encouraged me to do what was pleasing to God!” -Parri Anne Patton, CCA Graduate and CCA Teacher